graphic notation


An application that was made with the intent of being usable by young and amateurs, while setting up the basis for a more complex, evolved professional tool.
Available on the Apple Store in June 2018.


A Probabilistic Grain Synthesis Sequencer, implemented in C++ with JUCE,
communicating in this example with a sampler in Ableton Live via OSC.


An application for displaying musical informations to interprets. These informations are generated in real time.
There is an underlying tendency score for parameters such as mean pitch, mean amplitude, mean duration, heterogeneity.
(Comma Presentation)


Video showing the first page of this piece made with a Max/MSP patch, that included ProbaPainter and a gendyn external.
The piece was premiered at ZKM in 2012.

Various drawing techniques used in 110110 :
Graphic pen + eraser:

Bézier tool:

Paint tool + effects: